Installing Apache Guacamole using Docker on QNAP NAS (x86)

Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. A web browser is the only requirement for you to be able to connect to your desktops. To set it up, all you need is these three docker images:

I could have used another database container, but I prefer MariaDB and it’s compatible to MySQL. I used the guide “Installing Guacamole with Docker” and it was “almost” all I needed. I therefore don’t feel it’s necessary to write a full guide as the existing one is great. I solved the SSL encryption via NGINX reverse proxy, guide.

Issues I did encounter

  1. The first issues I had was where to find the db schema for creating a new database from scratch. It wasn’t clear to me from the guide. You needed to download the guacamole-auth-jdbc-0.9.12-incubating.tar.gz and unpack it and
    in the “\mysql\schema” the files “001-create-schema.sql” and “002-create-admin-user.sql” can be found.
  2. QNAP Container station did not work with container linking when using “Bridge” mode (it assigns a new IP-address), but maybe that is how it should work.
  3. I had an issue after I got everything to working. I added a test (none-working) connection to the default user. Every time i tried to log on with that user it used that broken connection and it got stuck. So if a user only has “ONE” connection that will be automatically used when login in to Guacamole. I just just recreated the DB and made sure I created a test user to experiment with:)

Guacamole up and running

Picture 1. QNAP Container Station – Apache Guacamole containers
Picture 2. Apache Guacomole login
Picture 3. Guacamole connection screen.
Picture 4. Guacamole SSH shell
Picture 5. Guacamole RDP to Win10
Picture 6. Guacamole VNC to Ubuntu.

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