Setup DDNS with FreeDNS

This guide if for those that want a domain name for their private server/network but doesn’t have a static IP-address. No worries, this can be accomplished through a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS). There are many free suppliers av DDNS but they all work in a similar fashion, below is a guide for using FreeDNS.

Note, If you do have a static IP-address and a hosting provider:

The best thing is probably just to configure a CNAME DNS setting with your hosting provider and point a sub domain to your static IP-address. Example:

Domain Type Value CNAME

Depending on your hosting provider this can be done differently usually through a GUI.

Setup DDNS (using FreeDNS)

  1. Go to and get a user account.
  2. Log in and create a DDNS by pressing “Dynamic DNS” and scroll down and press “[add]”:
    Picture 1. FreeDNS add DDNS.

    Fill in the fields and press “Save!”. In this example i created the DDNS

  3. Update DDNS with a new IP-address. There are many ways of doing this but maybe simplest is using:
    Verify through FreeDNS webpage the IP-address got updated.
  4. Setup automated update of IP-address. When doing this we don’t want to use the unencrypted HTTP url above but instead a safer HTTPS url, maybe through curl or Wget. There are example scripts ready to be downloaded from the page:

    Picture 2. FreeDNS download different update scripts.

    Scheduling can be done through Task Scheduler (Windows) or crontab (linux). I actually used my “router” as it already had support for FreeDNS.

Extra credit: CNAME a prettier domain name as DDNS (if you have a hosting provider)

My hosting provider doesn’t provide a DDNS service but they do enable users to create their own sub-domain and link them to other addresses:

Domain Type Value CNAME CNAME

So now by using the CNAME the browser will still display but will be using the DDNS to get the correct IP. As you noticed I even added another domain that points to the same DDNS (IP-Address), why you ask? This is because I have NGINX reverse-proxy listening at that directs the request differently depending on the domain name used in request url.

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    1. No, it’s for free! They did sometimes send an email (every 3-6 month) wanting you to login to your account.
      They haven’t done so for me for a very long time, maybe they have removed that requirement…

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